Dea Puka, owner of Puka skin care believes in going back to the basics by specializing in facial massage to provide the ultimate product delivery system. “The stimulation and blood flow is what gives that sculpted and wow factor glow to the skin which has people coming back for more. The results are truly addicting!” No machine in the industry can compare to the power of hands.
“Having suffered acne for most of my life has inspired my skin care journey and helping others. After years of trial and error on trying to find the perfect skin care system to helping my imbalanced skin condition and inflammatory acne, I’ve finally found the most effective approach that’s not only been successful for myself but it’s helped several of my clients no matter their skin type and it’s what’s made my brand the success it is today!”

“Healthy skin starts with microbiome support, everything else follows after”. 

Dea believes in supporting the microbiome of the skin while using a performance line to achieve optimal results.

“Combining the Environ and Nuvsio skin care line has made my brand stand out for its microbiome supporting benefits of the skin. The skin being an organ, needs gentle care, something most skin care experts and brands don’t talk enough about. It’s time to start focusing more on reset and repair rather than just “treat” and these gimmicky skin care products that mostly result in the skin becoming stressed and imbalanced opening more doors to inflammatory conditions.”

What makes Puka skin care a unique experience is the
minimalism behind her skin care success.

In treatment she uniquely tailors each service to the individual's skin concerns and goals, while achieving results quickly. “No service should be the same as the next”. Gaining her clients trust and happiness is her ultimate priority.